Business VoIP

For the modern business, VoIP is a better solution than a traditional landlines. VoIP uses your Internet connection to place and receive calls, so there’s no need to install phone lines in your office. And with unlimited call plans, there are often no additional fees for local or international calls.

VoIP services normally have better voice and audio clarity and quality of service than traditional lines and they cost far less to use and maintain. VoIP is also configurable with many options simple to setup and manage on-going. VoIP phones are portable, so you’re not tied to the office if you want to make or recieve business calls and the ability to work remotely and collaborate easily are also big advantages.

Our VoIP Solutions

Midkent IT solutions provides VoIP telephony and IT services to businesses throughout Kent. As part of our Managed IT support, we’ll help you migrate to a VoIP service and set up a new system that fits your business goals. Our reliable VoIP services won’t drop calls and have transparent per user pricing with no additional costs. After we install your new VoIP service, we’ll continue to monitor and manage the service for you.

Choosing Midkent IT Solutions for your VoIP telephony service means you'll have full access to our support team should any problems arise. Our expert technicians are available to answer your questions and solve any problems through our Helpdesk, by phone or by submitting a ticket on our customer portal.

Smarter Desk Phones

VoIP has many benefits for those who still want a physical desk phone setup – video conferencing, text messaging capabilities, and much more, can all be achieved with VoIP telephones.

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The Benefits Of VoIP Migration

By switching to VoIP telephones, your business can drive down telephone and maintenance costs. Since VoIP phones are portable, both office phones and business mobiles for your employees are not required. You can work from anywhere and from any device, whether desk phone, mobile or computer. Business networks can easily be separated and optimised for voice and data and with a VoIP system that can scale up and down almost immediately, you can deliver your services more efficiently and without needing large investments.

VoIP service are also more reliable, with better performance than a traditional phone lines. VoIP telephony is more secure with standardised built-in encryption, less costly to run and will form part of your business continuity plan. VoIP has multifunctionality that traditional phone systems struggle with – video conferencing, forwarding voicemail to email, IVR menus and greetings, call queues and ring groups, call recording can all be achieved with VoIP telephony.

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