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Microsoft Office 365 Business Application

As a Microsoft Partner, Midkent It solutions offer expert support on the Office 365 business application. Moving to Office 365 can have significant benefits for your business, improving working flexibility and driving down cost.

Why Migrate To Office 365?

If you’re not already running Office 365 in your business, now might be the time to make the switch. As one of the most common business applications today, Office 365 has a bundle of features that your likely to be familiar with.

Work Anywhere– Office 365 offers guaranteed access across devices. Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based capabilities go beyond standard Microsoft Office packages, allowing your team to access files at any time, from anywhere.

Cost-Effective – Office 365 is a Software as a Service application, you pay a monthly subscription fee for the products and services you want. No upfront fees for licenses to the products and not knowing if you’ll keep using them consistently in a few years.

Known Tools – Switching to Office 365 will reduce time spent on training. Office 365 products are cloud-based, but with your subscription, you still have access to standard Microsoft desktop Office programmes which you can install on Mac or PC.

Cloud Storage – Cloud migration allows you free up space on your on-site servers. You can devote this space to other important systems, or decomision your servers entirely.

Scalable Licenses – You don’t have to commit to the full Office 365 package if your business doesn’t need it. Flexible licenses mean you can scale up your access to products when you need, or scale back to cut on costs

Office 365 Business And Enterprise

Microsoft offers two plans of Office 365 for organisations. The first is Office 365 for Businesses, which hosts up to 300 users and is the most popular for SME's. This level has three tiers, Business Essentials, Business, and Business Premium. Each tier has different options available, so whichever you choose depends on your business needs.

If your organisation has more than 300 users, then you’ll have to choose Office 365 for Enterprises. This level has four tiers, ProPlus, Enterprise E1, Enterprise E3, and Enterprise E5. Again, each tier has different products and online apps available, as well as different amounts of storage space. Our expert technicians can advise on which package will best suit your business needs.

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