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Network Solutions

Modern businesses can’t run without a well-functioning network. Not having the proper infrastructure, services, and products will hamper your growth as a company. Midkent IT Soltions provide scalable, bespoke network install services to SME's.

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Network Support Solutions

Today’s businesses can’t run without a secure, well-functioning network. Lacking the proper infrastructure, services, and products will hamper your growth as a company. Amazing Support provide scalable, bespoke network support services to businesses of all sizes, as part of our managed IT services.

Network Security

We provide secure network support solutions, keeping cyber attacks at bay, and monitoring consistently to identify new threats.

Network Infrastructure

A network infrastructure designed specifically for your business, tailored to your products and your customer demands.

Network Support

Our experts provide constant monitoring of your network and support right when it’s needed.

Why Invest in a Firewall Solution?

Preventing unauthorised access to your computers and network calls for an effective firewall solution. This protects your data from being compromised and also gives you that extra protection against viruses and malware. When a firewall detects anything suspicious attempting to enter your private network from the internet, it will not allow it through.

Most SME's may have a software-based firewall, but every business will need a hardware-based firewall to keep all unwanted traffic out of your network. A business-class firewall will also gives you more control on what computers on your network send externally. Meaning you can prevent confidential or sensitive information being sent out externally.