Backup And Disaster Recovery

Every business should have a disaster recovery plan. In the morden world, cyber threats and data breaches are common. Regular monitoring and the correct protection can keep your company data safe. Midkent IT Solutions offers outsourced backup and disaster recovery services to SME’s.

Backup Recovery And Disaster Solutions

As part of our additional VAPS services, we offer regular data backup, storage, and reporting. With a thorough backup processes your business is prepared in the event of a disaster. We offer full backup solutions, a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, and cloud backups as part of our services.

Backup Solutions – With our data backup solutions, we provide data archiving and secure data storage. Our partner products use certified data centres and have options for encryption, should you need an extra layer of security.

Disaster Recovery Plan – Our recovery plans are designed to restore your access to your data quickly and easily. With either bare metal disaster recovery on a bootable USB drive, or another of our recovery options, your business will be back up and running in no time.

Cloud Backups – We provide cloud and onsite backups. Cloud backups are usually more secure. Whichever you choose it is fully managed by our IT professionals, and designed to protect your company’s data in a safe environment.

Antivirus Solutions

Backing up and having a disaster plan is only the first step to protecting your data. For any business, it's crucial to prevent access to your live data with antivirus soltions.

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Devising Your Disaster Recovery Plan

As a major part of a business continuity, disaster plans are essential. A disaster recovery plan is a set of procedures to follow in the event something should happen to your data. Regular data backups are part of this plan, which touches all parts of your IT system. The recovery plan should cover your applications, servers, and data storage, as well as your desktops, laptops, hardware, phones, and remote working setups.

Why invest in A Data Recovery Plan?

No business small or large will be immune from cyber threats or data breaches. Even SME’s are at risk for cyber attacks. Midkent IT Solutions has experience providing backup and recovery services to SME’s. We have the knowledge and the experience to tailor your data recovery plan to your specific needs.

Midkent IT Solutions certified professionals will guide you through the creation and implementation of a disaster recovery plan, including data backup options. Your plan will cover all the important aspects of your IT system. Data backup and disaster recovery are critical to your organisation.

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