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Award Winning Endpoint Protection

As an Eset and Avast Partner, Midkent It solutions offer expert advice on protecting your business from threats. Our antivirus solutions can provide fully managed monitoring, remote patch management and cloud dynamic threat defence.

Our Managed Antivirus Solutions

Secure data has become a must for any business operating today. Whether it’s to protect your company’s data or that of your users, antivirus is a fundamental piece to keeping your data safe. Managed antivirus offers your business are comprehensive security package. We’ll help your company’s data stay safe.

Endpoint Protection– Endpoint protection helps keep your workstations safe without slowing down your users.

File Server Security – File server proctection is designed to protect your company data with a more reboust approach to endpoint proctection.

Patch Management – Out of date software can be vunrable and allow access to your system, with remote patch management our experts will monitor and patch your systems automatically.


What is Dynamic Threat Defense?

Dynamic threat defense provides another layer of security for products like mail security and endpoint protection by utilising a cloud-based sandboxing technology to detect new, never-before-seen types of threat. The sandbox consists of multiple types of sensors that complete static analysis of code, deep inspection of sample with machine learning, in-memory introspection and behaviour-based detection.

Why Invest In Backup And Disaster Recovery?

In today’s digital world it’s impossible to function without data, an antivirus solution by itself is never 100% effective. Protecting your company’s and your customers data should be a top priority if your business intends to grow. A small vulnerability can result in a breach, bringing your system down. If you don’t have everything backed up, your business likely cannot continue. Additionally, if you don’t have a recovery plan in place, your downtime will result in significant losses.

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